Thank you for joining me on my journey into the craft world. I have always dabbled in creative things, some areas more than dabbled, but find it hard to settle into one thing to do for a living. Since there are so many different creative areas that I get enjoyment from why not share it with others, right? I’ve been a jewelry making fool the past week in preparations for the DBES Fall Fest on October 25th from 10-2. I’ve almost reached my goal of making a minimum of 100 different pieces of jewelry to sell. I will also have a few pieces of wall art if I get really ambitious. The thing I’m most excited about are the bracelets and earrings in the school colors. Thank you Sara for the suggestion! You’ll see that I ran with it 🙂

Please bear with me while I get the website put together. My hope is to offer project tutorials as well as a way for you to find places to buy my creations if you’re interested. I’m always up for a good challenge too if anyone would like to contact me about a custom project.

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